3rd place
in Europe in terms
of consumer spending in 2017
growth of investments in fixed capital
in 2017 comparable prices against 2010 level
facilities for business
on one map
participants in public consultations on regulatory impact assessment (RIA) and effective impact assessment (EIA) in 2014-2017

Investment in Moscow is characterised by a whole range of economic, sociopolitical, transport, geographical and other conditions that together form the set of factors determining investment appeal.

This section brings together Moscow’s principal socioeconomic indicators in their dynamics and in comparison with the world’s other megacities; the section also contains information on the priority sectors of the city’s economy and on the principal investment projects implemented in the city, as well as on the Investment Strategy, a programme document setting the direction for investment development and containing implementation plans and performance indicators, investment sites, and other information.

For your convenience, investment sites are shown on the interactive investment map of the city; search terms allow selection of facilities constructed under the Targeted Investment Programme, facilities offered to investors under various investment projects, public-private partnership sites and Moscow’s special sites offering preferential conditions to innovative businesses.

Here you can also learn about the process that describes the development level of the regulatory system from the point of view of improving the business climate and preventing over-regulation of the economy. This is, of course, regulatory (effective) impact assessment considered from the perspective of regulatory acts that have undergone the RIA (EIA) procedure and those undergoing it and the results for 2014–2017.