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  1. We will perform an initial examination of the project economic, legal and infrastructural conditions

  2. We will develop proposals regarding the project implementation terms taking into account the interests of the city and the investor

  3. We will develop the investment project implementation road map

  4. We will inform you about the following:

    • government support measures

    • tax benefits in the region

    • financing

  5. We will ensure the interaction with the government agencies on preparing the necessary information and obtaining the project approval

  6. We will ensure the interaction with regional and federal development institutions, with educational and scientific organizations, financial institutions


  1. We will inform you about the city infrastructural and industrial potential

  2. We will ensure the interaction with government agencies

  3. We will help you choose the best site for business in Moscow

  4. We will arrange the visits to the sites you are interested in for more detailed familiarization

  5. We will take part in the tender preparation, if necessary


  1. We will establish a project team of industrial and functional project offices to support your project

  2. We will advise you on all emerging issues during the project implementation

  3. We will provide monitoring and control of the investment project implementation

  4. We will assist you in arranging sales, including export

  5. We will provide information support for further development in the region.

  6. We invite you to participate in the events organized by the Moscow Government

Support for investment projects in Moscow is carried out in accordance with the "Regulations for one-stop support of investment projects."

These Regulations determine the procedure for supporting all categories of investment projects, including the advisory, methodological and organizational support at all support stages according to the one-stop principle, including the participation in the city entrepreneurship development programs, assistance in attracting funds from investment and venture foundations, business angels, development institutions, private investors, lending financial institutions in order to use their potential and financing opportunities and support investment in Moscow.

The authorized organization for the one-stop support of investment projects is the Moscow City Investment Agency (hereinafter referred to as the Agency).

Please send a request and the Agency specialists will promptly contact you within 1 business day to discuss the further project stages.


Regulations for one-stop support of investment projects
Order of the Moscow Government # 292 dated June 13, 2013 "On the establishment of the Headquarters for the city property involvement in economic turnover"
“The operation of the Headquarters for the city property involvement in economic turnover”
Decree of the Moscow Government # 26-PP dated 03.02.2016 “On preparing public-private partnership projects, making decisions on public-private partnership projects implementation, executing and monitoring the execution of public-private partnership agreements".