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Investment tax deduction


Complete the online application for the benefit

Participate in city auctions without intermediaries

Attractive investment properties. Transparent procedures and understandable conditions.

Sustainable Development Goals

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City auctions
Sustainable Development Goals
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Moscow today



single source of information about objects at city auctions

> 1,5 thousand

Biddings at application acceptance stage daily

> 4.6 thousand

Property and land tenders held in 2020

100 %

Legal guarantee of all completed deals

12,7 m people

The biggest city in Europe


One of the biggest city economies in the world

> 600 bn RUB annually

Large scale investment development program

> 20 %

Moscow’s share in Russian GRP

3.57 trillion rubles

Capital investment in 2020

+ 1,7 %

Investment growth in 2020 against 2019 in comparable prices

$ 236 bn

Amount of accumulated FDI in Moscow as of October 1, 2020


One of the biggest consumer markets in Europe

1 Place

National Investment Climate Ranking in Russian Regions

2 Place

PPP development in Russian Regions Ranking


Cities of the world in the ranking of attractiveness for foreign investment

1 Place

UN E-government development index

One-stop shop

free assistance in elaboration and maintenance of your project

- 25 %

reduction of regional taxes for investment priority projects

- 47 %

tax burden reduction when placing production in the SEZ

from 1 % per annum

soft loans up to 400 m RUB for up to 5 years

No tender procedures

for renting a land plot for large-scale investment projects

up to 300 m per annum

subsidies for interest and lease payments

50 %

subsidies for connection to utilities spending for industrial enterprises

up to 100 m RUB

bank guarantee support provision for SMEs