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Business Protection Headquarters

In accordance with Decision of the Moscow City Government No. 66-PP of 22 February 2012, a Headquarters for Protecting the Rights and Legitimate Interests of Investors and Entrepreneurs of Moscow was set up and is now in operation (hereinafter referred to as the Headquarters, the Business Protection Headquarters).

The Business Protection Headquarters are headed by Sergei Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow.

The Headquarters’ objectives:

  • Creating favourable conditions for investing and entrepreneurship;
  • Developing and protecting competition;
  • Ensuring state protection guarantees for the rights and legitimate interests of Moscow investors and entrepreneurs.

Working groups of the Business Protection Headquarters

Nine working groups chaired by head of the Moscow executive authorities have been set up as part of the Headquarters’ work.

  1. Working group on developing competition;
  2. Working group on real estate and land and property relations;
  3. Working group on improving the investment climate;
  4. Working group for organising collaboration between the Moscow City Government and SME Corporation;
  5. Working group on improving training and re-training mechanisms for professions that meet the investment strategy and needs of investors;
  6. Working group on combatting corruption and illegal takeovers and on optimising the number of inspections of small and medium-sized businesses;
  7. Working group on connecting to the power grid and optimising the procedures for issuing construction permits;
  8. Working group on developing SME foreign trade;
  9. Working group on discussing Moscow Business Ombudsman initiatives.

Contact information:

Address: 125009, Moscow, Voznesensky pereulok, 22


Hotline: +7 495 620-20-45

Email: sos.shtab@mos.ru