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A participant in investment activities whose rights and legitimate interests have been violated has the right to submit a related request to the Moscow Department of Investment and Industrial Policy. Request is to be submitted through the Moscow Government electronic reception.

The Department considers the request and may forward it to the Investment Climate Project Office, which will prepare an grounded opinion with a recommendation for resolving the issues raised. The request consideration (if forwarded to the Project Office) shall not increase and is 30 days upon registration, except for specific cases set by law.

The Investment Climate Project Office is a collegial working body of the Moscow Government with the following objectives:

  • Eliminate administrative barriers to investment activities and implementation of investment projects in Moscow;
  • Create favorable conditions for investment activities in Moscow.

The head of the Project Office, which composition was approved on May 5, 2020, is Deputy Moscow Mayor for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations Vladimir Efimov.

Decisions of the Investment Climate Project Office are binding upon its members.

Legal Framework

Federal Law # 59-FZ as of May 2, 2006 ‘On consideration procedure for Russian citizens' requests’.
Decree of the Moscow Government as of February 22, 2012 # 66-PP ‘On office for protection of investors’ and entrepreneurs’ rights and legitimate interests in Moscow and on other bodies of the Moscow Government in investment and entrepreneurial activities’.
Decree of the Moscow Government as of July 26, 2011 # 334-PP ‘On approval of the Regulations on the Moscow Department of Investment and Industrial Policy’.