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Key project

Technopolis Moscow SEZ

Technopolis Moscow SEZ

Key project
223 Ha

SEZ total area

- 47 %

reduction of tax burden of residents


free customs zone

brief description of the project

The Technopolis Moscow special economic zone (SEZ) of technical and innovative kind has been created and is functioning in Moscow; it consists of 5 investment sites (Alabushevo, Mikron, MIET, Angstrem, Technopolis).

On the territory of the SEZ, it is possible to conduct both technical-innovative and production activities with the conclusion of an agreement with the Government of Moscow. The city offers the potential residents of the SEZ prepared land plots with engineering infrastructure for the construction of R&D centers, industrial buildings, as well as specially adapted production, laboratory, office space for rent and significant tax and non-tax preferences.

The residents are granted preferences not only at the regional but also at the federal level. For example, the SEZ territory is a free customs zone, therefore zero percent import duties for equipment, components and raw materials import are applied. The imported property VAT is 0%.

More detailed information on the SEZ is presented in a separate section. Moscow investment portal.



Implementation term

The SEZ regime shall be valid until 2055. The tax benefits for residents shall apply for a period of up to 10 years.


Placing large Russian and international brands on the territory of the Moscow SEZ is one of the key performance indicators. By 2025, it is planned to organize more than 9,500 highly qualified jobs.

Current status

Today, the SEZ of Moscow includes five sites with a total area of ​​207 ha. About 60 high-tech resident companies operate in the territory of the special economic zone. The companies are engaged in development and production in the field of microelectronics, instrumentation, information and telecommunication technologies, medical equipment and others.

Current SEZ opportunities for resident projects include: Projects Greenfield (at vacant land plots intended for the creation of new capital structures for industry and high-tech sectors) and Projects Brownfield:  (investment projects placement at the existing SEZ production, laboratory and office areas).

Enterprises wishing to participate in the project and obtain the SEZ resident status have the opportunity to apply online through Moscow investment portal.