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Key project

Housing Renovation

Housing Renovation

Key project

Houses entered the program

30 mn sq. m

Residential real estate will be built

1 million

Muscovites will receive new housing

brief description of the project

The project is aimed at creating favorable living conditions for citizens, promoting the renewal of their living environment and the development of public space, as well as preventing the growth of emergency housing in Moscow.

The project of the renovation program includes dilapidated five-story buildings, the owners / residents of which will be provided with similar decorated apartments in new, modern houses within the boundaries of the relevant district, instead of their old apartments. The total area of the residential premises provided will exceed the total area of the old premises. The program participants are provided additional assistance, including free relocation for the certain categories of citizens, legal assistance, simplified state registration of rights, tax preferences.

As part of the renovation program implementation, the following social infrastructure facilities will be built: schools, kindergartens, clinics and recreation facilities; attention will be paid to the transport network development. For the renovated blocks, modern improvement standards will be applied: local parks, modern sports grounds and playgrounds, bike paths, parking lots have been created. The green spaces area will be maintained or increased. The projects of new blocks will be developed with the participation of the Russia and world's best architects, urban planning, transport and urban design specialists.

The renovation program – is a new large-scale targeted investment program in Moscow, which will stimulate the development of a number of industries: construction, building materials, trade, furniture manufacture, electrical equipment, household appliances, utility materials and equipment, etc.

Financing (million rubles):

More than RUR 6 tn.

Implementation term

From 2017 to 2042 (including relocation until 2032).


Demolition of dilapidated five-story buildings, redevelopment with the erection of new houses and whole housing complexes, for comfortable living. As part of the renovation program, the residents of the demolished five-story buildings will receive free similar comfortable apartments in new houses in their residence area with improved decoration, and the quality housing offer will be created to meet the growing demand for residential real estate in Moscow.

Current status

The Moscow Government has approved a renovation program covering 5,173 houses with a total area of about 16.4 million sq. m. Thus, more than 350 thousand apartments inhabited by about a million Muscovites will participate in the program. In August 2018, the city began to demolish five-story buildings under the renovation program.