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Key project

Construction of transfer hubs

Construction of transfer hubs

Key project
250 +

TPU quantity

~ 700 RUR bn

Planned investments

9 million sq. m.

Urban development potential

brief description of the project

The transport hub (TH) construction project is aimed to create a convenient urban environment for comfortable and quick switching between the metro, rail and road transport. In accordance with Decree of the Moscow Government # 413 dated 06.09.2011, in total, it is planned to place in Moscow 251 THs, 153 which are capital.

The areas of most transfer hubs will be divided into technological and commercial components. The commercial component of the transfer hub project will allow the city to attract private business money in construction. The investor, having decided to invest in transfer hub, receives from the city the technical requirements for the technological part. The implementation of commercial projects will cover the costs of creating transport infrastructure and ensure profit.

The aim of the project is to evenly distribute the load between different modes of transport. Ensuring the dynamism and mobility of the transport system of the city.

Financing (million rubles):

About RUR 700 bn, budgetary and private investments.

Implementation term


Current status

Currently, the procedures for approving the boundaries of territory planning projects (TPPs) have been completed, and the economic indicators of most transfer hubs planned for construction have been calculated. The project is in the process of finalizing both the legal framework for implementation and financial models.

The tenders for the shares in the authorized capitals of 26 THs have been held, to determine the developers of the following THs: «Botanichesky sad», «Seligerskaya», «Rasskazovka», «Lefortovo», «Technopark», «Paveletskaya», «Fonvizinskaya», «Park Pobedy», «Pyatnitskoe Shosse», «Dmitrovskaya», «Khovrino», «Troparevo», «Lublino», «Khoroshevskaya», «Prosfsouznaya» (site 1), «Bulvar Dmitriya Donskogo», «Nagatinskaya», «Pyatnitskoe Shosse 3», «Nekrasovka», «Pyatnitskoe Shosse 2», «Savelovskaya», YUgo-Vostochnaya, Ryazanskaya Terminal-1, Timiryazevskaya-1, Klenovyy bul'var, Rostokino.

The planned capital investments in these THs from private investors are estimated as RUR 157 bn. As part of the implementation of these TH projects, investors should build about 2.02 million sq. m of real estate.


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