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Key project

Localization of the medicines production for a wide range of diseases

Localization of the medicines production for a wide range of diseases

Key project
5,8 RUR bn

Investments in the creation of production

31 INN

quantity of purchased drugs

10 years

contract term

brief description of the project

The project provides for the localization in the city of the modern production of popular medicines oriented towards consumption in the Moscow public sector (oncology, cardiology, endocrinology, etc.) using the offset contact mechanism.

An offset contract is a long-term government contract that guarantees the city's long-term demand, on the one part, and obliges an investing supplier to invest in the modern production plant, the products of which will be supplied under the concluded contract, on the other part.


The investments in the production launch are at least RUR 5.8 bn.

Implementation term

10 years (2018-2028).

Current status

The contract conclusion was based on the results of the tender with the R-Opra company in October 2018. The contract price made RUR 14 bn. The contract involves the establishment in Moscow of the local production of 31 drugs (international nonproprietary names - INN). The local production is to be launched in the Technopolis Moscow SEZ. In December 2017, the investor signed a land lease agreement and was granted the SEZ resident status. At present, the company is preparing pre-project and project documentation.

*INN is an international non-proprietary name


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