Uniconf  LLC is the largest confectionery holding in Eastern Europe.

About the company

The Uniconf Holding is the leader on Russia’s confectionery market; it unites 19 Russian confectioneries, including Moscow’s largest enterprises such as Krasny Oktyabr, Babaevsky Confectionery Concern, Rot Front, Russian Chocolates, and several regional companies. They produce all types of confectionery goods: chocolate, chocolate boxed sets, chocolates sold by weight, baked goods (waffles, biscuits, cereals, treacle cakes, cakes), lollipops, marshmallow, toffees, and Oriental sweets.

Moscow enterprises have 8,514 employees. In 2016, they plan to produce about 255,000 tons of goods.


Uniconf owns Russia’s most famous brands, including Alionka®, Babaevsky®, Artpassion®, The Brown Bear®, Little Red Riding Hood®, Korovka®, the Tula treacle cake. The products are sold via a broad distribution network in Russia (over 170,000 retail points throughout the country), and is also shipped to the US, Europe, the CIS countries, and to the several countries of the Middle East. Both the traditional brands and the new additions created on a regular basis following the customers’ demand enjoy a steady popularity. Low-sugar products are given priority attention.

Government contracts

The holding continues to work on its government contract portfolio by expanding its cooperation with state and municipal bodies (regular customers include: Kremlevsky Food Services Federal Unitary Enterprise; the Government of the Russian Federation; the Moscow City Government; the Patriarch’s Moscow Offices). The holding offers all categories of its products for procurement under federal and city government contracts.

The company intends to offer new products in its school foods segment to provide pre-schools and schools with high-quality confectionery goods.

Advantages of doing business in Moscow

According to the company, one of the principal advantages of doing business in Moscow is the well-structured interaction with the municipal and territorial bodies in those districts where the holding’s enterprises are located. The manufacturing process is also positively influenced by the comprehensive support the Moscow City Government offers to large investment projects.

The Moscow City Government’s support measures

In 2015, the Moscow City Government developed a mechanism for providing comprehensive support for existing efficient enterprises and technoparks. The company estimates that the system of benefits and remunerations the city government offers to Moscow’s enterprises and industrial complexes significantly contributes to developing manufacturing. The city government also supported the project of founding a corporate innovation center for developing, testing, and putting into mass production new confectionery goods intended, among other things, as part of the import substitution.

Receiving industrial complex status

Departments of the Moscow City Government have informed the holding and enterprises' top management that such a status could be obtained. All the necessary consulting services were rendered, and complete information on the procedure for submitting the status application and on putting together the required set of documents was provided.

Developing manufacturing in Moscow

In future, the holding plans to expand confectionery production in several groups and categories of its products. The plans include expanding the assortment, installing new equipment for confectionery production, constructing warehouse facilities, and also drawing on Moscow’s labor resources.


Merck Company does not need to be introduced: more than three centuries of presence at the global health care market, life science and high-tech materials developing speak for themselves. CEO of Merck Life Science in Russia and the CIS Heinz Schmidt told in an interview to investmoscow.ru about the company's mission in our country and innovation laboratory work in the capital.

Novikov Group
Novikov Group

He opened his first restaurant in 1992. Today, the Novikov Group has 75 restaurants not only in Russia, but also abroad. The well-known caterer Arkady Novikov told start-up businessmen in Moscow how to open a popular restaurant.


The iVFarma biotechnological company, based in the Moscow technopark Slava is developing infertility treatment medicines with the entire production cycle, from creating a pharmaceutical substance to producing a ready-made dosage form, carried out exclusively in Russia. OOO iVFarma General Director Mikhail Polzikov, candidate of chemical sciences, was interviewed by Investportal and told us about his company helping Russian families to become happy parents.

Strogino technopark
Strogino technopark

Today, there are 33 technoparks in Moscow. The residents can rent premises at attractive prices, and receive various benefits from the Moscow Government. General Director Sergei Teplov told the Moscow Investment Portal about the Strogino infrastructure and business preferences.

Exacte Labs
Exacte Labs

There is an opinion that technoparks are focused exclusively on industrial production or IT-technologies. However, they can be an ideal place for companies with different profiles. So, the Slava technopark accommodates the Exacte Labs laboratory center performing medicinal product analyses and medical tests. General Director Vasily Kazey told the Investportal about their research subject and unusual name, as well as a little about India.

Gen Terra
Gen Terra

The Kalibr Technopark in Moscow accommodates the only Russian industrial manufacturer of chemicals for molecular biology. In his interview to the Moscow Investment Portal, Gen Terra director Vladimir Survilo talked about DNA, genome sequencing and plans to conquer the international market.

Technopark Kalibr
Technopark Kalibr

One of Moscow's leading technoparks is located at the territory of JSC Kalibr, a former major measuring instruments manufacturer, which celebrated its 85th anniversary in 2017. Since 2015, the plant territory was partially used to create a technopark of the same name "Kalibr", currently accommodating more than 50 companies. In total, over 200 companies are located at the site of JSC Kalibr. The priorities of the technopark development include additive technologies, unmanned transport and navigation technologies, telecommunication technologies, instrument manufacture and metalworking, medical research.

Bolshevichka – Hundred Years of Success
MOAO Bolshevichka

For almost a century now, the enterprise has maintained its brand at a high level and modern technologies and contracts with leading world companies are promoting its continued growth and competitiveness. The Bolshevichka story began back in the 1920s, with the factory starting up in 1929. One of the first workshops was that manufacturing jackets and trousers, as well as coats. It employed 250 workers. The factory was located on the territory of the Perlovs’ former tea-packing plant. During the war, Bolshevichka produced greatcoats, trench coats and reefer jackets for the Red Army and was then honoured to receive an order to make all the uniforms for the Victory Parade.

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