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Technopark Kalibr

Technopark Kalibr

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Business environment for the development of high-tech companies

One of Moscow's leading technoparks is located at the territory of JSC Kalibr, a former major measuring instruments manufacturer, which celebrated its 85th anniversary in 2017. Since 2015, the plant territory was partially used to create a technopark of the same name "Kalibr", currently accommodating more than 50 companies. In total, over 200 companies are located at the site of JSC Kalibr. The priorities of the technopark development include additive technologies, unmanned transport and navigation technologies, telecommunication technologies, instrument manufacture and metalworking, medical research.

We talked to Chairman of JSC Kalibr Board of Directors Mikhail Kogan and found out why the company decided to use its territory for creating a technopark, what has been achieved so far and what is planned for the future.

- Mikhail, please tell us about your technopark. What do you think makes it special?

- People that come here are surprised to find actually operating production sites, especially such modern and high-tech ones. Our technopark accommodates the companies manufacturing 3d printing expendable materials or creating various products by 3d-printing; a multifunctional production site with fully automated machines and software control; the companies applying virtual and augmented reality technologies for automobiles; the domestic electric vehicle manufacturers that are, in fact, creating a new market of unmanned vehicles. Our technopark is the result of the policy pursued by the Moscow government in recent years. When the Government began to actively develop enterprises and support investments about five years ago, this situation raised the question regarding the possible application of industrial zones, which make about 20% of Moscow's total area. These territories have great potential. They only needed to be boosted, with benefits provided to stimulate the development. That is what is happening now. We were one of the pioneers that entered this program in 2014 and, since then, we have been actively involved in all the innovations.

- Could you tell us about your largest residents? What do they specialize in?

There are major residents in each of our industry specializations. For example, CJSC Synterra Media is a specialized telecommunications operator that is responsible for distributing over 75% of Russian TV channels and over 50% of foreign broadcast programs. The technopark has its own media logistics center, with international sports events broadcast from our territory to all over Russia and the world. The REC company is operating in the field of additive technologies and is the leading Russian manufacturer of 3D printing expendables for various industries. Finally, one of our residents, LLC Elektrotransportnye Tekhnologii, has created a prototype of an electric motor that is unrivaled abroad. This company is constructing three-wheeled electric vehicles for public roads and remotely-piloted vehicles, on the territory of the technopark.

- What advantages do the residents have?

- First of all, these are the benefits and preferences specified in Government Decree 38 regarding the anchor resident status. There is also concessional financing. In addition, the technopark is offering a special environment providing both start-ups and large companies with necessary support. We cooperate with the Moscow Export Center, take our residents to exhibitions, and ensure advertising at the city level. We help the residents to solve various issues. We maintain regular communication with the Moscow Government. We also pay a lot of attention to the preparation of premises. High-tech companies always have their own special requests. We do our best repairing the premises for each single resident. We have our own boiler room provided with additional sections, and are constantly procuring electric power, since all these companies are mainly energy-consuming. We offer shared facilities. For this purpose, we built a separate technopark business center in 2015.

- As far as we know, you are planning to build another business center in the technopark, aren't you?

- Yes, we are currently constructing another building with a total area of 38 thousand sq. m. There, we plan to arrange a larger coworking space, since such type of spaces is currently in demand. We are going to use the first floor for a large conference hall (300-400 seats). This floor will be equipped with transformable walls. It will be possible to move them along with communication lines.

- Do you currently have vacant areas for potential residents?

- At the moment, there are no vacant areas in the technopark. However, we are expecting the arrival of new residents as early as in 2019. According to the approved concept, these premises will be used by innovative companies. This is a new milestone of the technopark long-term development.