29 Jul 2020

Technopark Will Appear in ZIL by 2023

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An investor will invest RUR 3.33 bn in the technopark construction and create over 1,100 jobs.

The Technopark will become a production site for innovative technologies and products, it will develop information technologies and conduct scientific research.

In the near future, this project will be assigned the investment priority project status that will allow the investor to reduce the total regional tax burden by 25% and to direct these funds to the technopark development.


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Gen Terra
The Kalibr Technopark in Moscow accommodates the only Russian industrial manufacturer of chemicals for molecular biology. In his interview to the Moscow Investment Portal, Gen Terra director Vladimir Survilo talked about DNA, genome sequencing and plans to conquer the international market.
The iVFarma biotechnological company, based in the Moscow technopark Slava is developing infertility treatment medicines with the entire production cycle, from creating a pharmaceutical substance to producing a ready-made dosage form, carried out exclusively in Russia. OOO iVFarma General Director Mikhail Polzikov, candidate of chemical sciences, was interviewed by Investportal and told us about his company helping Russian families to become happy parents.
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