19 Jun 2020

Business Activity in Moscow Reached Pre-Crisis Level

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The business support measures and step-by-step lifting of restrictions helped many companies to come back to work. The current revenue of Moscow retail and service companies amounts to 98% of the activity level before the restrictions imposed.

The business support measures and step-by-step lifting of restrictions helped businesses to pretty fast come back to work and to fulfill the safety requirements for their employees and customers.


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Alpha Automotive Technologies
Alpha Automotive Technologies (AAT) is a leading Russian manufacturer of car body parts. It annually produces 9.5+ million parts used for assembling 300,000+ vehicle sets.
Technopark Kalibr
One of Moscow's leading technoparks is located at the territory of JSC Kalibr, a former major measuring instruments manufacturer, which celebrated its 85th anniversary in 2017. Since 2015, the plant territory was partially used to create a technopark of the same name "Kalibr", currently accommodating more than 50 companies. In total, over 200 companies are located at the site of JSC Kalibr. The priorities of the technopark development include additive technologies, unmanned transport and navigation technologies, telecommunication technologies, instrument manufacture and metalworking, medical research.
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