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1. Specialized sites

Placing job advertisements on job placement sites, as well as on your company’s website, providing a great coverage of potential candidates. You can expand the employee search by reading the CVs that potential employees have posted on their own.

Useful link: Work in Russia - State Information Portal

2. Employment centers

An employer can always contact the territorial social service center of the district, where the company is registered, and leave a request with a description of the employees needed. All the interested specialists will be sent for an interview.

Useful link: The contact details of territorial social service centers are available on the website of the Moscow Department of Labour and Social Protection.

3. Universities, colleges, training centers

Moscow is the leading educational center of Russia.

In Moscow, there are 127 organizations of secondary vocational education (including 10 non-governmental ones) and 234 higher education institutions (including 144 non-governmental ones), six of which are among the top 10 Russian universities according to the RA Expert national rating

In Moscow, about 225 thousand people annually graduate from higher education institutions and more than 25 thousand people from secondary vocational education institutions, among whom you can find employees for your enterprise.

Useful link: Moscow educational institutions can be found using the convenient filter of the Moscow Department of Education.

4. Job fairs, career days

The city and district events, where employers can talk about their company and offer new jobs, are held several times a year and are very popular among young professionals.

5. Recruitment agencies

Many entrepreneurs recruit personnel with the help of recruitment agencies, but most often this way is used by the large companies that can spend part of the profit to pay the agent’s commission.

6. Informational resources

We recommend visiting information resources on the education, labor market and job openings in Moscow

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