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Key project

Moscow Central Diameters (MCD)

Moscow Central Diameters (MCD)

Key project

Pass-through diameters

on 10-12 %

Moscow transport system will be unloaded

for 30 minutes

It will be possible to cross Moscow through the center

brief description of the project

The MCD project involves the reconstruction of existing through railway lines in Moscow and the Moscow Region and the arrangement of the relevant diameter routes for suburban electric trains. After the full launch of MCD, it will be possible to cross Moscow from end to end through the city center in just 30 minutes.

New through diameters will help to reduce the traffic load of the Moscow transport system by 10-12 percent. The passenger comfort level will be increased due to high-speed through train routes created within the city. The MCD lines will require a minimum number of passenger transfers. There will be a significant positive impact on the entire Moscow agglomeration moving towards integrating the suburban transport into the Moscow single transport system. Other positive effects of this project include the improvement of the transport situation in Moscow; the development of new urban areas; the creation of jobs in the course of construction and operation; the renewal of rolling stock and the Moscow railway junction infrastructure.

Financing (million rubles):

452,6 RUR bn

Implementation term



As of the end of 2018, a set of works in the Leningradsky direction has already been completed, work is underway on the Yaroslavsky, Gorkovsky, Kursky, Belorussky and Savelovsky directions of the Moscow Railway.

Current status

The first two lines of the MCD were launched on November 21, 2019 on the existing tracks of the Moscow Railway. Traffic on them is combined with the current commuter service.

It is planned to organize 3 more routes connecting 6 radial directions to the pass-through diameters.


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