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The Moscow Investment Declaration was developed to create a favorable investment climate, to establish a stable economic basis for business and investment activities, to ensure the well-balanced development of the urban environment as a place to live.


The public authorities interaction with business and investment entities is based on the following principles:

  1. A non-discriminatory approach to all investors within the established system of priorities, the development of fair competition, the mutual city and investors’ responsibility under the agreements concluded
  2. The participation of investment subjects in the Moscow state authorities’ decision-making process affecting the investors’ interests and the decision implementation assessment.
  3. The public availability of the Moscow public authorities’ documented information (with the exception of the limited access information).
  4. The implementation of best practices of interaction between public authorities and investors in the process of improving administrative procedures.


In accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the city of Moscow guarantees the protection of investments, as well as the rights and interests of entrepreneurs and investors, including:

  • the equal treatment of all entrepreneurs and investors;
  • the entrepreneurs and investors’ participation in the decision-making process and the decision implementation assessment (including through the representation in collegial bodies created to improve the investment climate);
  • the access to the Moscow executive authorities’ public information;
  • the lack of project implementation restrictions under the current legislation;
  • the safety of business and investment activities in the city of Moscow;
  • capital investment protection;
  • the state bodies and officials’ non-interference with the agreements (contracts) conclusion by investors, the selection of partners, the determination of obligations.

The legal relations related to investment activities in Moscow are regulated by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, federal laws and the Moscow city laws, as well as other regulatory legal acts.


In accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation and regulatory legal acts of the Moscow city, Moscow creates favorable conditions for business and investment activities, as well as assists in investment project implementation, including the following:

  • implementing the measures aimed to accelerate and simplify the permit issue procedures;
  • providing equal opportunities of the urban infrastructure access for investment projects implementation;
  • providing the “one stop” support of investment projects;
  • providing information and consulting support.


In Moscow, the regulatory legal acts are in force that regulate the state support measures for investment entities, the forms, conditions and procedure of the provision of those, including the following:

  • providing benefits or establishing reduction factors for corporate property tax, land tax, corporate income tax paid to the Moscow budget, rental of land owned by the city of Moscow;
  • providing subsidies, including subsidies to finance research, development and technological work;
  • providing installment for land rent or land application change payment;
  • providing additional guarantees and compensations to the investors implementing the Moscow priority investment projects, etc.


In order to improve the entrepreneurs and investors’ “feedback”, the following has been arranged in Moscow:

  • the “Project Office” for improving the business climate;
  • the Moscow business rights commissioner;
  • the headquarters for the protection of entrepreneurs and investors’ rights and legitimate interests in Moscow, headed by the Moscow mayor.