19 Nov 2020

Industrial Investments: How Moscow Supports New Industries

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Moscow is a leader in investment activity among Russian regions.

The capital has created a favorable environment to develop the industrial and innovation sector: the city provides administrative assistance, tax benefits and necessary infrastructure.

Since 2016, a special program has been operating in the capital to support existing efficient industrial enterprises, technoparks and new investment projects in the real economy sector.


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Alexander Prokhorov: Every Tenth Muscovite Works in Industry
Alpha Automotive Technologies
Alpha Automotive Technologies (AAT) is a leading Russian manufacturer of car body parts. It annually produces 9.5+ million parts used for assembling 300,000+ vehicle sets.
Bolshevichka – Hundred Years of Success
For almost a century now, the enterprise has maintained its brand at a high level and modern technologies and contracts with leading world companies are promoting its continued growth and competitiveness. The Bolshevichka story began back in the 1920s, with the factory starting up in 1929. One of the first workshops was that manufacturing jackets and trousers, as well as coats. It employed 250 workers. The factory was located on the territory of the Perlovs’ former tea-packing plant. During the war, Bolshevichka produced greatcoats, trench coats and reefer jackets for the Red Army and was then honoured to receive an order to make all the uniforms for the Victory Parade.
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