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Direct line for investors

The official channel of communication of citizens and legal entities with the Government of Moscow for consideration of issues related to the entrepreneurial activities, as well as participation in city tenders.

Appeals received on the Investment Portal are considered in accordance with the requirements of federal legislation for the consideration of appeals of citizens and organizations, as well as the provisions Rules for consideration of appeals of subjects of investment and entrepreneurial activity. If additional work involving the Moscow Government executive authorities is not required, responding to appeals actually takes from 1 to 5 working days*.

Submitted applications will be displayed in the user's personal area in the “Direct Line” section, together with the review status. Status change notifications will be sent to the email specified upon sign-up.

* - The maximum review terms for all types of appeals are regulated by internal order # 65-O of the Moscow City Investment Agency and shall not exceed 14 days for individuals and 30 days for legal entities.