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Termination of pharmaceutical activities upon request of the licensee

Time frame :

5 working days

Form of receipt :

  • Via a legal representative
  • In person
  • By post
  • At the WEB site

List of documents :

The list of documents is presented at the official website of the Mayor of Moscow in the Services section

Cost :

Free of charge

Regulatory framework :

  • Federal Law No. 99-FZ dated 04.05.2011 "On licensing certain types of activities." The normative legal act that directly regulates state service provision
  • Decree of the Moscow Government No. 1081 dated 22.12.2011 "On licensing of pharmaceutical activities"
  • Federal Law No. 294-FZ dated 26.12.2008 "On protection of legal entities' and individual entrepreneurs' rights in the exercise of state control (supervision) and municipal control"
  • Federal Law No. 323-FZ dated 21.11.2011 "On the fundamental principles of public health care in the Russian Federation"

Phone :

+7 (499) 251-83-00+7 (495) 652-82-46

E-mail :


Address :

  • Licensing and Accreditation Administration of the Moscow Department of Health:
    Zhuravlyova Square 12, Moscow
  • Moscow Department of Health: Oruzheiny pereulok 43, Moscow
  • Reception of the Moscow Department of Health:
    2 Schemilovsky per. 4A/4, Moscow

Recipients :

  • Individual entrepreneurs
  • Legal entities