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Pharmaceutical license re-registration

Time frame :

  • 10 working days in case of re-registering a pharmaceutical license due reorganizing a legal entity through transformation, changing its name or location address, changing an individual entrepreneur's place of residence, name, surname and patronymic (if any), or identity details, terminating activities at one or several business addresses specified in the license, terminating the operations and services that constitute the licensed type of activity, the expiry of the license that does not contain the list of operations and services performed as part of the licensed activity
  • 30 working days in case of re-registering a pharmaceutical license due the licensee's intent to carry out the licensed type of activity at a location not specified in the license, the licensee's intent to change to the list of operations (services) specified in the license and constituting the licensed type of activity

Form of receipt :

  • Via a legal representative
  • In person
  • By post
  • At the WEB site

List of documents :

The list of documents is presented at the official website of the Mayor of Moscow in the Services section

Cost :

750.0 RUB / 3500.0 RUB

Regulatory framework :

  • Federal Law No. 99-FZ dated 04.05.2011 "On licensing certain types of activities." The normative legal act that directly regulates state service provision
  • Decree of the Moscow Government No. 1081 dated 22.12.2011 "On licensing of pharmaceutical activities"
  • Federal Law No. 294-FZ dated 26.12.2008 "On protection of legal entities' and individual entrepreneurs' rights in the exercise of state control (supervision) and municipal control"
  • Federal Law No. 323-FZ dated 21.11.2011 "On the fundamental principles of public health care in the Russian Federation"

Phone :

+7 (499) 251-83-00+7 (495) 652-82-46

E-mail :


Address :

  • Licensing and Accreditation Administration of the Moscow Department of Health:
    Zhuravlyova Square 12, Moscow
  • Moscow Department of Health: Oruzheiny pereulok 43, Moscow
  • Reception of the Moscow Department of Health:
    2 Schemilovsky per. 4A/4, Moscow

Recipients :

  • Individual entrepreneurs
  • Legal entities