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Termination of medical activities upon request of the licensee

Time frame :

10 working days

Form of receipt :

  • Via a legal representative
  • In person
  • By post
  • At the WEB site

List of documents :

The list of documents is presented at the official website of the Mayor of Moscow in the Services section

Cost :

Free of charge

Regulatory framework :

  • Federal Law No. 99-FZ dated 04.05.2011 "On licensing of certain types of activity"
  • Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 291 dated 16.04.2012 "On licensing of medical activities (except for those carried out by medical institutions and other organizations comprising the private health care system in the Skolkovo Innovation Center)
  • Decree of the Moscow Government No. 894-PP dated 16.12.2015 "On approval of administrative regulations for provision of public services to license certain types of public health care activities and the state control over compliance with licensing requirements for certain  public health care performed by the Moscow State Department of Health."

Phone :

+7 (499) 251-81-00 +7 (495) 652-82-46

E-mail :


Address :

Oruzheiny pereulok 43, Moscow

Recipients :

  • Individual entrepreneurs
  • Legal entities established under the laws of the Russian Federation