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Construction and renovation

How to obtain a permit for night-time construction works (Obtaining an order for performance of earth works, arrangement and operation of construction sites)


7 business days


- on the website
- through a legal representative

List of documents :

-  Application for issue, prolongation and re- issue of an order for performance of earth works, arrangement and operation of a construction site;
- Work schedule;
- Operation diagram;
- Approved design documentation;
- Certificates of access to works for  performance of the functions of the customer and prime contractor, and the right to carry out earth works;
- Project to install outdoor advertisements and other information;
- Permit of the Moscow City Government Commission forperformance of urban planning activities within the bounds of places of interest and cultural heritage sites;
- Certificates by operating entities andthe  asset holder;
- Permit of the Geological and Geodetic Survey of Moscow;
- Permit of the Moscow Cultural Heritage Committee;   
- Urban development plan for the land plot;
- Permit of the Moscow Cultural Heritage Committee for performance of emergency measures;
- Master plan as part of the construction management plan;
- Approval by the Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation;
- List of employees in the established format;
- Permit by the owner of an underground collector;
- Executive documentation for facilities of emergency and recovery works;
- Permit by the Moscow Department of Natural Resources Management and Environmental Protection, opinion on the project;
- Permit for construction and/or reconstruction issued by the Moscow State Construction Supervision Committee for the new construction and reconstruction facilities;
- Agreement with the customer on performance of contract works;
- Work execution plan.




8 (499) 264-96-81 


Novy Arbat St., 36, Moscow
Opening hours:
from 8:00 to 17:00 
on Fridays from 8:00 to 15:45 
Lunch: from 12:00 to 12:45 

Categories of recipient:

Legal entities established in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation