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Construction and renovation

Obtaining perfmits for construction (refers to territories that are not Specially Protected Natural Areas or Cultural Heritage Sites)


No more than 10 business days


- In person
- By post
- Through a legal representative
- on the website


A construction permit is issued if the design documents meet the requrements of the  urban development plan of the land plot or the area planning design and the area demarcation plan in the event of construction/reconstruction of linear-type facilities.



Laws and Regulations:

- On Approving Administrative Regulations for  Provision of the Public Services of Moscow "Issue of a Construction Permit"  and "Issue of a Permit for Launching a Facility into Operation" No.  145- PP
- Administrative Regulations dated 17 April 2012, a legal act directly regulating  provision of public services.  Urban Planning Code of the Russian Federation No. 190- FZ. Code dated 29 December 2004. 


+7 (499) 240-03-12  (single telephone), +7 (499) 240-25-06, +7  (499) 240-41-15 (one-stop-shop service), +7 (499) 240-54-03 (consultation support for  provision of public services in electronic form),+7 (499) 240-20-12 (fax).


Bryanskaya St., 9, Moscow, 121059

Categories of recipient:

-Legal entities