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Registration of motor vehicles with the Main Directory for Road Traffic Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


from 1 to 3 hours
up to 30 days (in exceptional cases)


- though a legal representative
- on the website
- in person

List of documents:

- Passport of а citizen of the Russian Federation (or any other ID);
- Documents confirming the rights of the legal representative;
- Motor vehicle certificate of title;
- Motor Vehicle Examination Certificate;
- Sale and purchase agreement for the motor vehicle;                          
- Certificate of Insurance for Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability;
- State registration plate "Transit" (if issued).


- Stamp duty for amending a previously issued vehicle certificate of title: 350.0 RUB.
- Stamp duty for issue of a vehicle certificate of title: 800.0 RUB.
- Stamp duty for issue of registration plates for motor vehicles: 2,000.0 RUB.
- Stamp duty for issue of a vehicle registration certificate: 500.0 RUB.
- Stamp duty for issue of registration plates for motor vehicles and trailers: 1,500.0 RUB.

Laws and Regulations:

- On the Procedure for Registration of Vehicles Decree dated 24 November 2008 Registration Number: 1001 Link official publication source:
- On Approving Administrative Regulations of the Interior Ministry of the Russian Federation on Providing the Public Service of Registration of Motor Vehicles and Trailers"
- Decree dated 7 August 2013. Registration number: 605.
Link to official publication source


Phone: (495) 214-07-00


Myasnitskaya St., 3, Moscow, 101000   

Categories of recipient:

-Legal entities