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How to set up ads construction?


No more than 33 business days if applying through the public services portal 
No more than 45 calendar days if applied for in person  


- through a legal representative
- on the website
- in person


The permit is issued if the relevant advertising structure is being installed in Moscow under a valid agreement for  installation and operation of an advertising structure between the owner of the real estate on which such advertising structure is to be installed and the owner or lawful holder of such advertising structure.  

List of documents:

The list of documents is posted on the website of the Moscow Portal of State and Municipal Services.


State duty (excluding VAT) – 5000.0 RUB


Federal Laws:                                                                                             
- On Avertising No. 38-FZ. dated 13 March 2006.                           
- On Approving the Regulations for  Installation and Operation of Advertising Structures No  712-PP.                                            Regulations dated 12 December 2012.
- On Approving Administrative Regulations for   Provision of Public Services by the Moscow Department for Media and Advertising No  713-PP.
Administrative Regulations dated 12 December  2012.
Administrative Regulations.


+7 (495) 957-73-95, 633-51-81, 633-51-75, 957-73-96, +7 (495) 957-05-61 (fax)


 Novy Arbat St., 15, Bld.1, 18th floor, Moscow, 119019

Categories of recipient:

Legal entities
Sole traders