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Trade and Services

Re-issue of a licence for retail sale of alcoholic products in the event of changes in the data contained in the licence


At the request of the applicant for  issue of a licence, re-issue of a licence, and prolongation of a licence, the general timeframe for  provision of the public service may not exceed 32 calendar days.  


- In person
- By post
- Through a legal representative

List of documents:

- Request (application) for provision of the public service;
- Bank details for payment of the stamp duty (payment receipt, 1 copy);
- licence for retail sale of alcoholic products  (original, 1 counterpart);
- Documents confirming changes (copy, 1 copy). 


Stamp duty is 3,500.0 RUB.

Laws and Regulations:

- On Approving Administrative Regulations for provision of the Public Service "Licensing of the Retail Sales of Alcoholic Products" No. 59- PP dated 21 February 2012, Administrative Regulations. 
- On  State Regulation of the Production and Circulation of Ethyl Alcohol, Alcoholic and Alcohol- Containing Products and on Restricting the Consumption (Drinking) of Alcoholic Products No. 171- FZ dated 22 November 1995, a regulatory legal act directly regulating provision of the public service 
- On Measures to Implement the Regulatory Legal Acts of the Russian Federation in the Sphere of State Regulation of Alcoholic Product Circulation No.  1069- PP dated 28 December 2005.


8 (495) 777-77-77


Bolshoi Nikolopeskovsky Pereulok, 15, Bld. 2, Moscow.
Opening hours: every day from
  8:00 to 12:00
and from 12:45 to 17:00 (on Friday from 8:00 to 12:00
and from 12:45 to 15:45).

Categories of recipient:

Legal entities