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Real estate

Obtaining a preservation order for the owner (user) of a cultural heritage site, discovered cultural heritage site in Moscow


No more than 45 calendar days


In person

List of documents:

- Application for provision of the public service;
- Applicant's ID;
- Document confirming the powers of the applicant's representative to act on behalf of the applicant;
- Documents verifying (establishing) the applicant's rights to a cultural heritage site if the right to such sites in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation are considered established irrespective of their registration the Unified State Register of Real Estate Rights and Transactions (to be presented if there is no information about the rights to the cultural heritage site in the Unified State Register of Real Estate Rights and Transactions). 


Free of charge

Laws and regulations:

The Regulations for Issue of a Preservation Order for the Owner (User) of a Cultural Heritage Site, Discovered Cultural Heritage Site in Moscow were approved by  Resolution of the Moscow City Government dated 13 February 2013 No. 58-PP




Pyatnitskaya St., 19, Moscow one-stop-shop service
Monday to Thursday: from 9:00 to 16:00
Friday: from 9:00 to 15:00
Lunch: from 12:00 to 13:00
Phone: (495) 953-01-05

Categories of recipient:

- Individuals;
- Legal entities
- Sole traders
- Managing companies, co- operative associations, housing cooperatives or any other organisations fulfilling the functions of managing multi- apartment residential buildings that are cultral heritage sites;
- The applicants' interests may be represented by persons duly authorised by the applicant.