Sole participant


ZelAD, Moscow city, gorod Zelenograd, block 2019 floor 1, room VII - rooms 1-15

Facility information

ZelAD, Moscow city, gorod Zelenograd, block 2019 floor 1, room VII - rooms 1-15
Manager contact information: Efremova Ekaterina Nikolaevna
8(499) 652-60-25
Registration number: ГП16826749
Function: Vacant
Type of facility: Room
District: Kryukovo district
Living area, sq.m: 6939
Uninhabited area, sq.m: 2425
Object Area, sq.m: 164.30
Start price, rub.: 1,518,625.00

Additional info

Elevator No
Freight elevator No
Parking No
Phone lines No
Security at the property No
Type of building entrance Separate
Building type Residential
Number of storeys 10
House line First line
Room number floor 1, room VII - rooms 1-15
Расположение floor 1, room VII - rooms 1-15

Auction information

Tender type: Rent of non-residential premises
Tender form: Public electronic auction
Tender subject: Right to enter into a lease for not living premises located in the city of Moscow property treasury
Trading platform: Link to auctions
link to Link to the bidding procedure on the site
Type of starting price: Annual rental for leased property
Size of the deposit, rub.: 379,656.25
Lease term: 10 years
Status of trading: Sole participant
Winner: IP Kunshina Viktoriya Aleksandrovna
Winner price: 1,518,625.00
Inspection object: During the bidding campaign, but not later than 2 business days before the deadline for submission of applications for participation in the auction

Procedure information

Acceptance of requests : 23/01/2017 - 25/08/2017 15:00
Participants selection: 31/08/2017 09:20
Bidding: 31/08/2017 09:20
Summing-up: 31/08/2017 17:00