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Medical equipment, optics and ice cream: Moscow increased the supply of non-primary products to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region

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Since 2019, the capital's manufacturers have managed to increase the volume of supplies by 45% – from USD 4.5 bn to 6.53 bn.

The main importers include the USA, China, Japan, Hong Kong, India, the Republic of Korea and Mexico. Moscow's supplies to Vietnam, Myanmar and Canada increased this year. The growth was 16.5%, 35.4% and 74.2%, respectively.

The share of the USA in the total volume of exports to the Asia-Pacific countries is 33.4%. Mechanical equipment, mixed fertilizers, optics, medical equipment are in great demand among American buyers. Sales of food products, cocoa, ice cream and soft drinks also increased in Moscow.

Moscow supplies electrical devices to India (the volume amounted to USD 91.54 m), as well as plastics and products made from them (more than USD 7 m).


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