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Sergei Sobyanin approved projects for the integrated development of industrial zones in Zyuzin and Pechatniki

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In the capital, the complex development of the former industrial zones Zyuzino and the South Port will be carried out. The reorganization of the former industrial zones is united by the Industrial Quarters program.

The area of ​​the former industrial zone Zyuzino is 6.76 hectares. They are going to build a residential area, public and business facilities and create over 1.6 thousand work places. The project is expected to take 7 years to complete. The estimated volume of investments is 13 billion rubles.

The former industrial zone South Port occupies 19.59 hectares. After the reorganization of the industrial zone, part of its territory will retain its industrial function - modern production facilities will be built here. There will also be business and shopping centers, offices, shops, cafes, over 6.5 thousand work places will be created. The project will take 12 years to complete. The estimated volume of investments is 27 billion rubles.

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