04 Aug 2020

700+ Premises Sold and Rented Out This Year

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710 land and preperty auctions were held in the first six months of 2020. That's 21.4% more than in the same period last year.

Moreover, 268 premises and buildings were sold and rented out at a preferential rent rate through at city auction in H1 2020.


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Business Park Will Be Built in Moscow within City Program of Job Creation
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Moscow Socially Oriented Company Will Receive RUR 8 M for Production Development
Sergei Sobyanin: After coronavirus restrictions, the Moscow economy will return to normal development in the next six months
Moscow Pharmaceutical Factory
The history of the Moscow Pharmaceutical Factory began in the 1930s. Moscow had a fast-growing demand for medications and pharmacies were cropping up. Mostly, factories produced “galenic” medications (tinctures, extracts, and drops based thereon) derived from medicinal plants: motherwort, valerian root, calendula, eleuthero, etc.
The iVFarma biotechnological company, based in the Moscow technopark Slava is developing infertility treatment medicines with the entire production cycle, from creating a pharmaceutical substance to producing a ready-made dosage form, carried out exclusively in Russia. OOO iVFarma General Director Mikhail Polzikov, candidate of chemical sciences, was interviewed by Investportal and told us about his company helping Russian families to become happy parents.
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