14 Jul 2020

Average Daily Revenue of Retail And Service Companies Increased by 30+% in June

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The consumer demand continued to markedly rebound last week. The revenue of retail and service companies increased from June 29 to July 05 by 10.4% vs. March 23-29 and by 9.3% vs. the same week in 2019. At the same time, the industries most affected by the pandemic are recovering ahead of schedule in April and May: the total revenue growth amounted to almost 30%.


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Merck Company does not need to be introduced: more than three centuries of presence at the global health care market, life science and high-tech materials developing speak for themselves. CEO of Merck Life Science in Russia and the CIS Heinz Schmidt told in an interview to investmoscow.ru about the company's mission in our country and innovation laboratory work in the capital.
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The Kalibr Technopark in Moscow accommodates the only Russian industrial manufacturer of chemicals for molecular biology. In his interview to the Moscow Investment Portal, Gen Terra director Vladimir Survilo talked about DNA, genome sequencing and plans to conquer the international market.
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