19 May 2020

Free Disposal of Appliances for Moscow Industrial Facilities

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The Ecopolis Corporation – a Moscow set of electronic waste recycling facilities – has launched a free disposal action for old office appliances and electronics. Industrial facilities from Moscow and Moscow Region will be able to take a free part in the project from May 18 to June 18.

Phones, laptops, teakettles, TV sets, printers, refrigerators, gaming consoles, microwave ovens etc. can be recycled.


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An interview to the TV Tsentr network
Uniconf LLC
The Uniconf Holding is the leader on Russia’s confectionery market; it unites 19 Russian confectioneries, including Moscow’s largest enterprises such as Krasny Oktyabr, Babaevsky Confectionery Concern, Rot Front, Russian Chocolates, and several regional companies. They produce all types of confectionery goods: chocolate, chocolate boxed sets, chocolates sold by weight, baked goods (waffles, biscuits, cereals, treacle cakes, cakes), lollipops, marshmallow, toffees, and Oriental sweets.
Exacte Labs
There is an opinion that technoparks are focused exclusively on industrial production or IT-technologies. However, they can be an ideal place for companies with different profiles. So, the Slava technopark accommodates the Exacte Labs laboratory center performing medicinal product analyses and medical tests. General Director Vasily Kazey told the Investportal about their research subject and unusual name, as well as a little about India.
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