Инвестиционный дайджест за май: видеоверсия

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08 Jul
Sellers of Excisable Goods Will Be Supported
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07 Jul
Moscow Got Half of Foreign Direct Investments in Russia
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06 Jul
Moscow Is #1 in Electronic Services Quality ranking by Ministry of Economic Development
The city has created all the necessary conditions for investors to operate successfully
Moscow Pharmaceutical Factory
The history of the Moscow Pharmaceutical Factory began in the 1930s. Moscow had a fast-growing demand for medications and pharmacies were cropping up. Mostly, factories produced “galenic” medications (tinctures, extracts, and drops based thereon) derived from medicinal plants: motherwort, valerian root, calendula, eleuthero, etc.
Novikov Group
He opened his first restaurant in 1992. Today, the Novikov Group has 75 restaurants not only in Russia, but also abroad. The well-known caterer Arkady Novikov told start-up businessmen in Moscow how to open a popular restaurant.
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