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17 Jun

NAAIR in faces. Interview with Svetlana Ganeeva

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In 2021, we launched the NAAIR in faces section to tell you about the people who contribute to the development of the investment climate and attract new investors to the Russian regions every day. The interviews will also be published in our corporate publication — NAAIR.Newsletter.

Светлана Ганеева

We decided to take the fifth interview in this category from CEO of the Moscow City Investment Agency (hereinafter referred to as the Agency) Svetlana Ganeeva. In 2021, Moscow took the first place in the National Rating of investment attractiveness of Russian regions.

Svetlana Valeryevna, tell us about your experience and key achievements as the CEO of the Agency.

— For the first time I headed the Agency back in 2012-2014. In July 2020, I was re-appointed as the CEO of the Agency.

In 2014, the Agency was ranked among the top three best practices in Russia in the category Regional Investment Agency. A tender was held for the right to conclude the largest concession agreement in Moscow on the construction and operation of the Northern Bypass for Kutuzovsky Prospekt. The first life-cycle contracts and projects for the creation of transport hubs in the capital were structured. A lease program with investment obligations RUB 1 per 1 sq. m was developed. A legal framework for the implementation of concessions and public-private partnerships was created.

I am pleased to see that our work is in demand in the city: in a few years, the public-private partnerships (hereinafter referred to as PPP) has made a huge step forward. Moscow actively engages businesses in solving citywide tasks in areas that have traditionally been funded from the budget. Today, various PPP projects are being implemented in the capital with the participation of the Agency: these are life-cycle contracts, offset contracts that provide companies with long-term demand for their products, and multibillion-dollar concessions.

This year, Moscow signed two concession agreements. The first one is signed for 20.5 years and involves the construction of two plants for the eco-friendly processing of sludge. Investments in the creation of enterprises will amount to RUB 26.9 bln. Under the terms of the second concession agreement, signed for 20 years, the investor will create and continue to operate a residential home for the elderly. The volume of investments in the project is RUB 450 m.

In addition, the Moscow Government is currently considering an initiative to implement a PPP project in the capital to collect and sort out out-of-order electronic and electrical equipment. As part of the 20-year PPP agreement, the city will transfer unused capital construction projects to the investor for reconstruction and equipping. This will be the first PPP agreement in this area, the object created by the investor will remain in the ownership of Moscow.

The work of the Agency to attract investors is reflected in the statistics. Investments in fixed assets in Moscow increased by more than 2.7 times in 2020 in comparable prices to 2011, while in Russia as a whole only by 3%. At the same time, Moscow's share in the total Russian volume increased from 8% to 17%.

In 2014, the Financial Times — fDi Intelligence analytical division ranked Moscow in the 25th place in the International Rating of the cities’ attractiveness for foreign investors. The capital managed to return to the list of the best cities in the world for attracting investment only in 2020 — immediately on the 22nd position.

In 2020-2021, the Moscow Investment Portal, operated by the Agency, was awarded the national IT award "Digital Tops" in the category "Best IT Solution for Economic Development", and also received a special prize of the oldest competition of the Runet Internet projects "Golden Site" in the category "Business and Investment Support Site".

Perhaps you have a couple of interesting facts from your career? Share it?

— Perhaps the most interesting and unexpected case is my return to the Agency. They say you can't step in the same river twice, but my career shows that there are exceptions to even this rule. I am glad that my experience in managing the Agency was highly appreciated, and this is very important for me. Of course, a lot has changed over the years. At that time, we laid the foundations, created a team of professionals. Now the Agency faces different tasks, new challenges and goals — this is a completely different experience, which I am certainly interested in.

What kind of lifehacks can you share or what advice can you give to your colleagues working with investors in the region?

— The development of industry and PPP is an absolute priority on the investment agenda. Most countries of the world as well as regions of Russia use similar tools to attract industrial investors: investment agencies and development corporations are being established, PPP mechanisms are being developed, and a wide range of tax, financial and other benefits are being provided.

At the Agency, we constantly collect feedback from businesses. We analyze the results and propose changes to the existing mechanisms of working with companies and introduce new models of interaction.

It is also important that investors coming to the region receive project support in a specialized organization on the principle of "one window" from scratch until the full implementation of the initiative.