S.S. Sobyanin

Mayor of Moscow
24 Sep
Sergei Sobyanin’s interview with Moscow FM radio station
07 Aug
Interview with TV-Centre
23 Jul
Sergei Sobyanin’s interview with Govorit Moskva radio station
29 May
Interview with the Rossiya 24, Rossiya 1 (Vesti-Moskva programme) and Moskva 24 television channels
24 Mar
Moscow Mayor’s commentary for TV Centre television
15 Feb
Sobyanin interviewed for Vesti-Moskva on Rossiya-1
10 Feb
An interview to the TV Tsentr network
29 Dec
Interview with Postscript, a TV-Centre show
11 Dec
Interview with Russia 24
21 Oct
Interview with the Vechernyaya Moskva newspaper
14 Oct
Mayor Sobyanin’s interview with TV Tsentr
12 Oct
Sergei Sobyanin’s interview with the Vesti-Moskva programme on Rossiya-1 TV
07 Sep
Interview to the Right to Know programme on the TV-Centre channel
27 Jul
Sergei Sobyanin interviewed by Vesti-Moskva programme of Rossiya-1 television channel
10 Jun
Commentary for TV Centre network
19 May
Interview with Kommersant
21 Apr
Interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta
23 Oct
Speech at the II Moscow International Forum on Foreign Investments
16 Oct
Report in the Moscow City Duma on the Results of the Moscow City Government’s Activities in 2012-2013