What are: co-working, business incubator, technology park, science park, industrial park, and special economic zone?



Many newcomers in the field of entrepreneurial activity face the question “Where am I to run my business?” The Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow actively develops the network of city co-working offices – business centres where it is possible to rent a workplace and use a variety of helpful services. The demand for such centres in the city is huge, as this is a unique opportunity to try things out, to find customers before starting a limited liability company (OOO) or to obtain the status of individual entrepreneur. Co-working is sort of trampoline, “entry point” for entrepreneurs which gives them an opportunity to enter the business environment while saving their start-up capital.

Remaining independent, the lessees use a common space for work. They get not only an armchair, a table, personal box for their belongings, access to the meeting room, scanner, printer, photocopier, but they may – in the same building – apply to experts for free legal advice, explanations as to participation in public tenders, apply for educational programmes, etc. And the rental fee here is indecently low! The initiative for the development of co-working spaces in Moscow is named “Moscow: co-working 2.0”. One of the first centres opened in Moscow with the support of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow as part of the development of former industrial zones was the “Nagatino” metropolitan club on Varshavskoye shosse. Following the opening of phase 2 construction of the club with enough room to provide 300 workplaces, the “Nagatino Club” co-working centre will become the largest centre not only in Moscow, but in Russia.

Apart from city co-working centre in Nagatino, there is also a functioning district co-working centre in Izmailovo based on the Moscow Small Business State Budgetary Institution. Moscow City Government plans to open co-working centres in each city district. By the way, the co-working centre in Izmailovo was considered to be the best Moscow co-working centre in 2013 according to Hopes@Fears rating!

Business incubator

The Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow launched the Moscow programme for technology incubation, so that more start-ups could use services of a business incubator. Here entrepreneurs get the most favourable conditions for work. Firstly, the rental is at a preferential rate; secondly, expert advice is available and, thirdly, you find yourself in a society of like-minded persons. Now people may share experience and obtain new knowledge close at hand; colleagues are always eager to give a helping hand and more qualified experts – to steer you in the right direction.

Even today the City of Moscow is home to successfully working public and private business incubators, including the Strogino technology park business incubator, the “Zelenograd” business incubator, the Higher School of Economics business incubator, the InCube Academy of National Economy business incubator, the Plug&Play business incubator, and the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics business incubator.

Technology park, science park, industrial park.

What is necessary to develop industry and business in Moscow? Care and attention, i.e. availability of systematic support measures. The Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow implements this policy creating growth areas in Moscow – science parks, technology parks and industrial parks.

Moscow has already made one important step; it has adopted the Law “On Research and Development and Innovation Activity in the City of Moscow” which prescribes not only organizational, legal and economical bases for R&D and innovation activity, but also incentives for their development. State support measures include tax relief and subsidies, reduced rental fees, as well as counselling and information services. Support is provided both to management companies and residents of science parks, technology parks and industrial parks. The resident can be any legal entity or private entrepreneur implementing an innovative project on such a platform.

Are you an entrepreneur with a high-tech business idea? Do you need place to discuss it with fellow-thinkers, to test and improve the prototype, to launch sales? Twenty years’ international experience shows that the best place to implement such projects is a technology park. 30 years ago there were very few technology parks, and nowadays their number exceeds three thousand. What is a technology park? It includes office premises, a set of specific services, a centre for collective use, and various services for first-time entrepreneurs. The residents of technology parks, science parks or industrial parks have attractive privileged conditions to carry out their activity, an opportunity to enter into a long-term contract and to make their plans for the future. For the representatives of small and medium-sized businesses the technology park is an excellent opportunity to get established and to successfully develop on mutually beneficial terms. If your business is too big for a technology park, then you may enter a science park – a larger platform for larger-scale business. And if you find this too restrictive for you, Moscow City Government is working to create and develop industrial parks – “growth areas” for large-scale industry production.

Special economic zones/Zelenograd

Is there any entrepreneur who does not dream of working in a special economic zone in a location with a unique status and privileged economic conditions for businessmen? Such zones have long become common in many countries of the world. All state-of-the-art and innovative technologies are concentrated here: new technologies overtaking existing ones in their development, innovative approaches in the conduct of business. Therefore, such zones become the hearth of the new economy.

Certainly, there are special economic zones in Moscow, to be more precise – in the Zelenogradsky district of the city. Here a number of companies working in microelectronics and nanotechnologies, energy saving, biotechnologies, IT-technologies have gathered together… It goes without saying that residents of special economic zones are entitled to benefits: social, customs and tax. The Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow is sure that creation of special conditions for such companies will attract foreign companies to the capital and make the work easier for Russian entrepreneurs.