Public-private partnership

In 2013–2015, Moscow concluded RUB 575 bn worth of PPP project contracts. In 2015, the city topped the ranking for the level of PPP projects in Russia. Moscow actively involves businesses in addressing the city’s needs through PPP mechanisms. The city has set a strategic course of carefully working through the legal and economic conditions for long-term projects. Particular attention is paid to further developing the public-private partnership mechanism by adopting the requisite regulations.

Concluding concession agreements

The Department of City Property is the concession grantor for all concession agreements in Moscow.

Decisions on concluding concession aand drafting concession agreements in Moscow are carried out in accordance with Government Decree of the City of Moscow No. 720-P of 4 August 2009 “On the procedure for drafting concession agreements implemented within the City of Moscow.”

Anyone proposing a private initiative to conclude a concession agreement has the right, in order to have their initiative considered, to apply to the Department of Economic Policy and Development of Moscow or to the Moscow Department of City Property (if the initiator holds rights of possession or use to property that can constitute the subject of a concession agreement on the basis of a lease).

Concluding public-private partnership agreements

The Department of Economic Policy and Development of Moscow is the body authorised to work with public-private partnerships.

Any sectoral or departmental executive authority of the city of Moscow exercising its powers in an area intended for implementation of a public-private partnership project may be the public partner on behalf of the city of Moscow.

The private partner may send its proposal on implementing a public-private partnership project either to a public partner or to a body authorised to work with public-private partnerships.

Decisions on implementing public-private partnership projects are made as stipulated in Government Decree of the City of Moscow No. 26-PP of 3 February 2016 “On preparing public-private partnership projects, adopting decisions on implementing public-private partnership projects, on implementing and monitoring implementation of public-private partnership agreements.”

The decision to implement a project is adopted as a legal act of the Moscow City Government to implement a public-private partnership project.

Among the PPP projects in Moscow are construction of the Northern Bypass for Kutuzovsky Avenue (Moscow’s first road construction concession), life cycle contracts for purchase and maintenance of new generation carriages for the Moscow Metro. In addition, such projects as opening general practice medical facilities (the Doctor Nearby project), private kindergartens and schools, and cultural property restoration are implemented as public-private partnership projects.

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