How to set up information structures?

City information sources and business information sources of enterprises and organizations for the public services will be installed and operated on the basis of a permit for information structures.

The Department of Mass Communication in Moscow (hereinafter – the Department) is responsible for authorization for the installation of an information structure in Moscow.

To obtain the service, it is necessary to submit the required documents in person or through a legal representative to the one-stop shop of the Department:

The list of the necessary documents is available on the Moscow public service web-portal.

The service is provided free of charge.

The period for provision of the public service shall not exceed 45 calendar days.

Authorization for the installation of the information structure is provided for 5 years.

Address of the one-stop shop of the department:

18th floor, bld. 1, 15, Novy Arbat street, Moscow, 119019

Telephones of the one stop shop of the department: +7 (495) 957-73-95, 633-51-81, 633-51-75, 957-73-96.

Fax: +7 (495) 957-05-61.