Industrial areas

Plans for developing manufacturing and industrial areas

Developing cutting-edge industry is one of Moscow’s priorities. The city has major industrial potential, vacant land plots and ready-to-use infrastructure for implementing new investment projects.

One area of developing industry is unused land plots being offered to investors for creating new manufacturing facilities. This draws investment into industry.

Offers of ready-to-use infrastructure for high-tech businesses is another area of innovative and industrial development. Moscow’s technoparks and technopolises offer their residents preferential lease rates, significant tax benefits, access to the capacities and equipment required to set up a business, and consultative and informational assistance.

Development of unused territories and involvement of enterprises in using the existing infrastructure will give a new impetus to industrial development, allow new highly paid jobs to be created, research and design work intensified, import substitution and localisation of manufacturing in Moscow ensured.

The map of Moscow’s manufacturing and industrial zones is available here.

More information on the two key aspects of Moscow’s industrial infrastructure capacities can be found in the “Industrial Areas” and “Technoparks and Technopolises” sections.

“Industrial areas”

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The “Industrial Areas” section contains detailed information on the industrial-purpose land plots currently being prepared for auction. The information includes their area, engineering infrastructure, the area of future facilities to be constructed, etc. The section contains information on 16 land plots.

“Technoparks and Technopolises”


The “Technoparks and Technopolises” section contains up-to-date information on available land plots and facilities in Moscow’s technoparks and technopolises, their characteristics and lease terms. The section contains information on 35 technoparks and over 300 sites.