GUIDE For Investor

When implementing an investment project, each investor faces the need to handle a large amount of information on the procedures required for registering or doing business in Moscow, on scenarios for collaborating with Moscow’s executive authorities and on eligibility requirements for government services. In order to save you time and effort, we have put together information about obtaining the principal government services in construction and renovation, land, property and property relations in real estate. For each government service, there information is provided on the relevant government agency, on the time and expenditure required to obtain the service; we also provide links to the Common Government Services Portal webpage with the option of submitting an online application. This section also describes the procedure for connecting to utilities such as electricity, gas and water and offers online calculators and step-by-step instructions for going through the procedures.

The section also offers information on obtaining trading permits, registering vehicles and personnel, and on the institutions providing business assistance and business protection: the Moscow City Investment Agency and the anti-raider HQ. A separate subsection deals with taxes and contains exhaustive information about Moscow’s current tax regimes and benefits for entrepreneurs; here you will also find interactive services and calculators.