Wimm Bill Dann: Moscow is both one of the biggest markets and a reliable long-term partner

Wimm Bill Dann is Russia’s biggest manufacturer of foods, dairy products and soft drinks. In 2016, it was granted industrial complex status.

About the company

In Moscow, Wimm Bill Dann is represented by two enterprises: the Lianozovo and Tsaritsyno Dairies, which provide for a full production cycle of dairy products, juice and baby food manufacturing, including receiving and preproduction processing of raw materials, manufacturing end products, temporary storage and shipping finished products at the required temperature.

The industrial complex produces socially important dairy products, including baby foods: pasteurised and sterilised milk, cream, kefir, ryazhenka, soured milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, juice, fruit drinks, canned vegetables and meat and baby foods.

Their products are sold under such well-known brand names as A House in the Country, BioMax, Miracle, Merry Milkman, Agousha, Wonder Kids, M, etc. The company’s 56 production lines manufacture over 1,300 tonnes of end products daily (about 1,150 tonnes of dairy products and about 170 tonnes of baby food).

In 2015, the company employed about 3,500 people. Over half of them work in manufacturing.


Residents of Moscow are the main consumers of the products manufactured by the industrial complex. The company also sells large volumes of its products in the Moscow Region.

The Moscow Region, including the city of Moscow, accounts for about 60% of the total products shipped. About 25% is sold in the Central Federal District and in the North Western Federal District. The rest is sold in the south and also in the Urals, in Siberia, and along the Volga. About 1% of their products are shipped to the Far East, while some is exported.

The company’s products are offered in the great majority of retail grocery stores.

Government contracts

About 100 tonnes of baby food are supplied daily to infant-feeding centres under a contract with the city. Wimm Bill Dann’s products are offered in schools and pre-schools, as well as many of Moscow’s healthcare institutions.

Advantages of doing business in Moscow

The Moscow Region, including Moscow itself, accounts for 30% of the company’s sales in Russia. Moscow is both one of the biggest markets and a reliable long-term partner. Moscow is actively developing incentives to develop efficient city industry, it improves mechanisms for a dialogue between business and the authorities, when market participants can take part in discussing various issues and in achieving solutions that pertain to supporting them.

The city government focuses particularly on developing the infrastructure of a convenient city space to organically meet the needs of the city’s residents and guests and simultaneously create favourable conditions for development of all key enterprises.

Support measures from the Moscow City Government

The food industry greatly influences the city economy. The Lianozovo and Tsaristyno Dairies produce socially significant dairy products, including foods for the youngest consumers, and the company maintains a constant dialogue with the city government, discussing the key issues related to industrial development and to ensuring Moscow’s food security.

The Moscow City Government has embarked on a large-scale and multi-pronged support project for developing the city’s industrial potential. The government is taking measures to increase the city’s efficient industrial potential in the best interests of the business community, of the city budget and of the city residents. As a socially responsible market participant, Wimm Bill Dann, through its regular communications with the Moscow City Government, provides expert opinion on a broad range of issues related to sustainable development of the economy and the consumer market and also participates in discussing topical issues concerning how the city’ creates conditions for ensuring such growth.

Certainly, industrial support measures, such as granting industrial complex status, could serve as additional incentives and landmarks for developing industry in a modern metropolis and tax reliefs granted by the Moscow City Government will contribute to greater industrial development and efficiency.

Receiving industrial complex status

While the process of obtaining industrial complex status was under way, our company maintained a regular dialogue with the city government. While the new regulations were being drafted and subsequently approved, their practical application and advantages were discussed. When the rules for granting industrial complex status were approved, step-by-step instructions were issued on how to fill in and prepare the application, coordinating meetings were set up with representatives of other state and monitoring bodies involved.

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