NexTouch LLC: regular contact with the relevant agencies expanded the company’s promotional options

NexTouch LLC is one of Russia’ leading manufacturers of interactive multimedia systems.

About the company

The company is a resident of Moskva technopolis, a member of the Developing Russia’s LED technologies technological platform, a member of the association of the AURA-TECH assistive technologies market, has the status of INTEL’s STEM centre, develops its own Creative Innovations Centre for the Younger Generation.

The company employs over 20 people, including DScs and CScs in physics, chemistry, pedagogy and medicine. The company’s manufacturing facilities and research labs have cutting-edge equipment and its top management is constantly working to improve the standard of its Moscow manufacturing.


The company produces interactive desks and panels, multi-touch software and hardware packages, information booths and stands, 3D pyramids, interactive floors, etc. All the products come with special software for the visually impaired, as well as special induction systems for the hearing impaired. Since 2016, the company is also actively engaged in developing an interactive exercise machine for developing hearing and speech in children with hearing disabilities. This project is supported with a subsidy from the Innovation Support Foundation as part of its Assistance programme.

Government contracts

Over 50% of the company’s products are sold under government contracts. NexTouch LLC has a positive history on all of Russia’s e-trading platforms and is also registered on the supplier portal.

Advantages of doing business in Moscow

Moscow’s technoparks and technopolises have shared knowledge centres and they greatly reduce their residents' costs of manufacturing innovative products. Tax reliefs give their products additional competitive advantages. The greatest advantage of being a technopolis resident is direct contact with the Moscow City Government. NexTouch has had many occasions to experience this advantage first-hand. Regular contact with the relevant agencies expanded the company’s promotional options and Moscow’s educational policies aimed at young professionals have helped the company open its Creative Innovations Centre for the Younger Generation to train personnel in hard-to-master engineering professions.

Support measures from the Moscow City Government

We believe that the Moscow City Government intends, as never before, to support small businesses. The number of programmes for supporting development of companies in priority industries is increasing despite the market crisis. Various incentives certainly contribute to companies setting up manufacturing in Moscow, even though lease costs are high compared to Russian regions. Personnel availability is also crucial. Leading Moscow universities train excellent engineers, who are always in demand. In the course of our daily contacts with the Moscow City Government, we receive prompt recommendations on all the issues of interest to us. We see the government is absolutely open to dialogue and aims to resolve any issues, even those which do not directly pertain to the competence of a particular department. The subsidies received in 2015–2016 include one for opening the Creative Innovations Centre for the Younger Generation and one for engineering services. After manufacturing starts on the technopolis premises, the company will promptly apply for the incentives offered to residents.

Company development

Currently, the company plans to expand in two directions: to start manufacturing new polymeric materials with semiconducting luminophores – quantum points to be used in electronics and in agriculture; and to start producing energy-saving devices. The development is being conducted jointly with Dmitry Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia. Specific plans to start industrial manufacturing will be determined after the products have been tested.

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