OAO Tsaritsyno

OAO Tsaritsyno is a leading company in Russia’s meat industry.

About the company

Tsaritsyno is one of the biggest players on Russia’s food manufacturing market. The company began operating back in April 1970 and it now supplies over 55,000 tonnes of products to 44 regions of Russia annually. With a staff of 1,450, the combine’s main industrial complex consists of the basic plants: refrigerator, plant for production of semi-finished products, and a sausage plant.


The company produces over 200 types of high-quality sausage, specialties and semi-finished meat products, some of them without analogues in Russia. Every day, ОАО Tsaritsyno manufactures 150 tonnes of products and about 10,000,000 people consume its goods annually. The quality of the products is regularly confirmed by awards at food exhibitions in Russia and abroad. OAO Tsaritsyno is the winner of the programmes “100 Best Products of Russia”, “Innovations as Constituents”, “Enterprise of the Year”, “Guarantee of Quality” etc.

Advantages of operating in Moscow

According to the company’s administration, close cooperation with the authorities is one of the main advantages of operating in Moscow. Comprehensive support and accessibility of useful information via the Moscow City Government electronic resources have a positive impact on business development. 

Measures of support from the Moscow City Government 

OAO Tsaritsyno highly appreciates the work of the Moscow City Government’s specialists who advised the company on obtaining the status of an industrial complex, becoming included on the register of investment priority projects and possible measures of government support. For instance, OAO Tsaritsyno has enjoyed tax benefits as part of the mechanism for supporting the real sector, which was launched in 2016. As a result, the tax burden on the enterprise and land lease rate were reduced and the funds saved have been spent on reconstruction of the complex, acquisition of new equipment and introduction of innovative technologies into production.

Production development

OAO Tsaritsyno is constantly working to renew and improve its product range.

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