ZAO Research Centre Module

Module is the biggest company on the Russian market for knowledge intensive technologies.   

About the company

ZAO Research Centre Module specialises in applied research and practical design in the sphere of digital processing of signals and depictions and construction of computer systems based on such data. The company employs 275 people, who have helped implement over 20 complex projects, including design of the world’s first 64-bit digital signal processor with a 64-bit vector-matrix structure and a variable length of operands (protected by patents in various countries). The company has also designed an original system and applied software protected by copyright certificates. ZAO Module employees take an active part in international and federal exhibitions and conferences.


Since 1995, the company has been producing high-end RISC/DSP processors and mixed-signal systems-on-chip based on the semiconductor technologies of the world’s leading companies. Module has launched production of embedded systems in a broad range of functional requirements, from the simplest 8-bit controllers to complex 64-bit multi-processor computer systems. These systems can be used for design purposes under various conditions.  

Advantages of operating in Moscow

The company sees the availability of the transport and logistics infrastructure as an advantage of operating in Moscow. This helps in co-operation with partners and companies in Moscow and surrounding areas. Module also mentioned the importance of programmes for supporting hi-tech companies.     

Measures of support from the Moscow City Government

In 2016, the company received the status of a technopark with the support of the Moscow City Government. Module received comprehensive support both in the process of preparing the application and after the status was granted. In particular, cooperation in the process of document preparation, cooperation with tax agencies with a view to obtaining preferences and work with potential residents. Under the support programme, the company can lower its tax burden to 25% and use the freed-up funds for production development. 

Product development

Today, ZAO Research Centre Module is one of the leaders on the Russian radio electronics market. In the future, the company plans to update its testing equipment, boost its engineering potential and strengthen inter-industry relations. 

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