Tau Industries engineering company: comprehensive support for industrial startups was the key factor in selecting the Skolkovo technopark and Foundation as the springboard and co-investor

Tau Industries engineering company develops R&D technologies in accordance with Industry 4.0 standards.

About the company

Tau Industries engineering company was founded in 2008 as a technical consulting agency in industrial manufacturing and engineering. In 2012, the company decided to focus on its own R&D in accordance with the Industry 4.0 standards and to open an office in Russia. In 2013, the company became a Skolkovo Foundation resident. Today, the company has 16 employees: engineers, data miners, programmers and management.


Tau Industries’ main products are breakthrough R&D technologies in manufacturing copper conductors and steel wire. Tau Industries has also developed the LiLIT innovative system based on chemometric analysis principles for monitoring the degree of polymerisation of insulating coating. This technology is needed for manufacturing copper enamel insulated wire, fibre optics and various composites.

Advantages of doing business in Moscow

The technopark’s ecosystem and locations create convenient working conditions close to Moscow’s centre, so any company’s office can be reached in a short time. Currently, Tau Industries has an office in Skolkovo and it plans to lease a research lab with a total space of about 200 square metres. In the near future, it plans to move to the greater technopark, which has both office and lab space (as of today, Tau Industries has an office in a technopark building). This will permit a significant cut in costs of testing current projects, developing pilot projects and demonstrating the developed solutions.

Support measures from the Moscow City Government

Comprehensive support for industrial startups was the key factor in selecting the Skolkovo technopark and Foundation as the springboard and co-investor. Here, a startup is always the focus of attention. Skolkovo professionals assist their residents at every stage: from developing an idea to its commercialisation, from looking for a technological partner to aiding in negotiations and closing a deal. Tau Industries also notes the support received from the Moscow City Government. It is of crucial importance for the company to take part in exhibitions and to position its products internationally. The Moscow City Government made it possible for Tau Industries to take part in the Hannover Messe International Fair and in the Made in Moscow exhibition, which was an important marketing step in developing the network of commercial contacts.

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