ООО HemaCore

HemaCore converts scientific data into applied knowledge and medical technology and transforms academic experiments into diagnostic tests for use in medical institutions.

About the company

HemaCore was set up in 2010 to manufacture and implement into clinical practicea unique new medical device for laboratory diagnostics of the blood coagulation system. After the project was implemented, the team focused on the targeted work in this area. The uniqueness and importance of its products on the global scale has led to a subsidiary being opened in Europe.     

In its work, HemaCore relies on more than 20 years of research by biophysicists from Moscow State University. The specialists have carried out a large number of academic and clinical research projects. Their results are being presented at scientific conferences of global level.


The company develops, produces and supplies equipment and consumables for laboratory diagnostics of the haemostasis system using the thrombodynamics method. The Thrombodynamics Registrator T2 diagnostic systems and sets for conducting a thrombodynamics test are produced serially. Every year, the company produces 200 systems and 250,000 tests. All products are duly registered and are allowed for use in Russia. 

Advantages of operating in Moscow

For the company, the advantages of operation in Moscow are the market concentration, which simplifies relations between suppliers and buyers, big population, high standard of staff training, financial stability of the region and investment activity. In addition, according to HemaCore, Moscow enjoys favourable conditions for doing business. Location in Technopark Slava premises permits the company not only to rent an office but also locate departments for design work and clinical research, the instrumental department and a biotechnological production unit, which allows HemaCore to expand production.     

Measures of support from the Moscow City Government

HemaCore actively cooperates with the Moscow City Government and takes part in competitions organised by the Moscow City Innovations Agency. In addition, HemaCore, being a small business, plans to submit an application for a subsidy for exhibition activity.  

Production development

Priority development areas are enhancement of existing products, expansion of the product range and organisation of events to cut production costs. Currently, the company is considering the possibility of expanding production.  

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