OOO MC Phystech-21

ООО MC Phystech-21 is the managing company of Phystechpark technopark, Moscow’s largest scientific and industrial complex in the hi-tech sphere.

About the company

The company specialises in development and manufacture of software. The functioning of Phystechpark is called upon to ensure the most favourable conditions for startups and developing IT companies. Consequently, the company’s key goals are to develop the IT industry and increase its share in Moscow’s economy as a whole. 

Among the potential residents of Phystechpark are Russian IT companies occupying leading positions in the segments of hi-tech, information and telecoms, academic research and development in the area of natural and technical sciences. 


The key products will be software, solutions to control telecoms operations, and implementation of technological projects in the construction and transport spheres. 

Advantages of operating in Moscow

Phystechpark uses the unique opportunities of its location close to the country’s leading technical institute – the Moscow Physics and Technical Institute, as well as the opportunities of its ecosystem for using the staff potential of its graduates in creating innovative products and developments.         

Measures of support from the Moscow City Government

The technopark was created with the support of the Moscow City Government and the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. The construction of Phystechpark is the initial stage in implementing a programme for developing the world-standard scientific and educational cluster Phystech XXI. Apart from the already built IT technopark, occupying only 5% of the entire area, the cluster will also consist of scientific-research, exhibition and business platforms. Thanks to the benefits granted by the Moscow City Government, the technopark plans to invest funds in developing centres for collective use in order to create a technological connection with companies located nearby.  

Production development

Phystechpark plans to create an accessible environment for development and testing of IT products based on benefits and to attract anchor tenants. In the future, there are plans to launch a single online platform for registration of an event and access to the technopark’s services, etc. There are also plans to cooperate with development institutes, public organisations and leading Russian universities. In addition, Phystechpark intends to launch construction of a congress centre to organise industry-related educational events, forums and exhibitions.

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