ООО Research Centre “Independent Current Sources”

Research Centre “Independent Current Sources” manufactures lithium-ion accumulators and rechargeable batteries.    

About the company

The company develops technologies for synthesis of electrode materials and primary cell batteries, production of battery management systems, chargers, rechargeable batteries, modules of autonomous power supply systems, etc. In addition, the Research Centre “Autonomous Current Sources” provides engineering services for organising production of lithium-ion batteries. Since 2012, the centre has been a resident of the cluster of energy effective technologies.  

There are Candidates and Doctors of Science among the company’s employees. The team has significant achievements in the area of synthesis of oxide and phosphatic active electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries in laboratory conditions.       


The core business of Research Centre “Autonomous Current Sources” is production of the following: lithium-ion batteries and rechargeable batteries. The company also issues battery management systems, chargers and related electronic products. The company receives significant assistance from the technopark in selling its products.   

Advantages of operating in Moscow

The company sees the main advantage of operating in Moscow in the territorial proximity of key clients and consumers of its products.   

Measures of support from the Moscow City Government

The company receives advice from representatives of the relevant Department of the Moscow City Government. For instance, with the support of the Moscow City Government, the company has taken part in the Hannover Messe 2016, an exhibition of hi-tech products, innovations and industrial automation.

Production development

Currently, the company is implementing a project financed by a Skolkovo grant to create a lithium-ion battery system. New technologies have been developed for organising production of lithium-ion accumulators for any electrochemical system.  

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