Svyaz Engineering

Svyaz Engineering designs and manufactures power electronic equipment for various economy sectors. 

About the company

Svyaz Engineering is a large Russian company that designs and manufactures electronic equipment for infrastructure solutions, including power units and critical equipment. The company’s products are in demand everywhere where there is a need for reliable and trouble-free equipment performance: telecommunications and cellular communications, data processing centers, industry and municipal services.

Svyaz Engineering designs and produces electronics in Russia: it maintains a complete production cycle from PCBs to final products. The group includes three state-of-the-art plants with cutting-edge automated manufacturing equipment. The enterprise employs about 1,000 persons.


The company mass-produces uninterruptible AC power units for power supply to critical equipment; energy-efficient LED lights; automated systems for power monitoring and accounting, etc. 

Government contracts

After obtaining the technopark status, the company plans to obtain city government contracts. Svyaz Engineering’s products are used in the infrastructure of the Moscow Subway, of the Moscow United Electric Grid Company (PJSC MOESK), telecommunications and cellular communications.

Advantages of doing business in Moscow

The top management of Svyaz Engineering notes Moscow’s high-skilled labor force and the possibility of directly contacting major customers purchasing radio-electronic equipment.

The Moscow City Government’s support measures

Svyaz Engineering obtained information on the support offered by the Moscow City Government from the Internet.

As part of the support program, the company will obtain reduced profit and property tax rates and reduced land lease payments. The company plans to invest the money thus saved into expanding its production in Moscow. Svyaz Engineering also intends to apply for subsidies offered on competitive basis to develop property complexes, including technoparks’ infrastructure.

Receiving technopark status

While receiving the technopark status, the organization’s representatives cooperated actively with various departments of the Moscow City Government which provided extensive consultations on all the arising questions. The application for the technopark status was submitted via the Moscow Investment Portal.

Developing manufacturing in Moscow

The company’s plans for the nearest future include increasing productivity and expanding the technological capacities of its production of innovative radio-electronic equipment; procuring new state-of-the-art equipment and introducing new production technologies.

Svyaz Engineering also plans to develop its design department by bolstering its personnel with relevant professionals; for that purpose, it plans enhanced interaction with engineering universities; Svyaz Engineering also intends to introduce 3D design at all the product development stages.

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